Health & Physical Education

Mission Statement

Our Health & Physical Education Mission is to provide a comprehensive program that is designed to enhance the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of all JCHS students by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and maintain lifelong wellness and fitness.

The goal of our physical and health education program is to develop physically, nutritionally, and medically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity and healthy decision making.

Johnson Central High School offers more than 20 courses currently meeting the criteria of State and National Health and Physical Education standards. These courses are taught in facilities that are suitable for the activities including a newly remodeled Family and Consumer Sciences classroom, health content classrooms, our JCHS gymnasium, JCHS weight Room, and JCHS Indoor Swimming Facility.

Beyond the classroom, Johnson Central offers countless competitive and extra-curricular Physical Fitness and Health Competitions. We offer year round competitive sports including Football, Girls and Boys Basketball, Girl's Volleyball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Wrestling, Cheer, Track and Field, Boys and Girls Golf, Archery, Boys and Girls Tennis, Swimming, Power Lifting, and many others.

We approach our Heath & Physical Education holistically to include physical education, health education, and by providing opportunities to excel in the fitness arena.


Family and Consumer Sciences

FACS Essentials
FACS Leadership Dynamics
Culinary Arts
Culinary I
Culinary II
Child Development Services


Health I
Daily Living Skills
Principles of Health Science
Food & Nutrition
Early Life Span Development
Allied Health
Human Body Systems
Medical Interventions

Physical Education

Physical Education I
Advanced Physical Education
Physical Education IV Leadership
Girl's Weightlifting
Boy's Weightlifting