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10 months ago
School Information
Unless otherwise noted Johnson County Schools is always on a regular schedule according to the approved school calendar available on the district website.  The transportation department works very hard to provide your child with safe bus transportation to and from school throughout each year.  Their duties include routine and regularly scheduled bus maintenance, daily bus inspections by drivers, monthly bus inspections by state certified inspectors, and repairs as needed.  They also perform regular route inspections and coordinate road repairs and maintenance with the KY State Dept. of Transportation and the Johnson County Road Department.  During inclement weather, transportation and district staff drive and assess roads to determine whether buses can safely travel the roadways prior to the morning pickups.  In the event bus travel is deemed unsafe the district notifies local radio and tv stations of school status.  School status could include 1 Hour Delay, 2 Hour Delay, or No School.
The district does have the ability to rapidly contact parents and guardians via phone, email, or text and send important messages using an emergency contact system.  You may have received one of these contacts from the school district or your childs school earlier this year.  We choose not to use this system daily for weather notifications because during the worst winter months, we could be calling all the time.  In the event that we go to school and are forced to release early one day we would contact you using this emergency system.  It is important that you keep your contact information up to date with your childs school for this very reason.  If you ever have any questions about district operations ask your school principal or contact the district offices at (606)789-2530.

Central Elem.
Flat Gap Elem.
Highland Elem.
Meade Elem.
Porter Elem.
Central Elementary
Phone: (606) 789-2541
Fax: (606) 789-2527
Map & DirectionsCSIP
Flat Gap Elementary
Phone: (606) 265-3110
Fax: (606) 265-4409
Map & DirectionsCSIP
Highland Elementary
Phone: (606) 297-3674
Fax: (606) 297-6080
Map & DirectionsCSIP
Meade Memorial Elem.
Phone: (606) 789-5050
Fax: (606) 789-6755
Map & DirectionsCSIP
Porter Elementary
Phone: (606) 789-2545
Fax: (606) 789-6837
Map & DirectionsCSIP
W.R. Castle Elem.
Middle School
High School
Eagle Academy
Central Office
W.R. Castle Elementary
Phone: (606) 297-3738
Fax: (606) 297-7411
Map & DirectionsCSIP
Johnson Middle School
Phone: (606) 789-4133
Fax: (606) 789-4135
Map & DirectionsCSIP
Johnson High School
Phone: (606) 789-2500
Fax: (606) 789-2547
Map & DirectionsCSIP
Eagle Academy
Phone: (606) 789-2077
Fax: (606) 789-2525
Map & Directions
Central Office
Phone: (606) 789-2530
Fax: (606) 789-2506
Map & DirectionsCDIP