On Wednesday, March 8th, 6th-grade students from across the district attended an Opportunity Fair at Johnson County Middle School. It was our mission that through this event, we would showcase the various aspects that set our middle school apart from other schools across the state. 

As the day progressed, each elementary school was welcomed into the building by student leaders who had attended their grade school. Our infamous Mr. Eagle and the prideful sound of our school fight song being played were additional measures we took to ensure the students felt welcome and at ease upon arrival. 

It was important to us to structure this event to be as student-led as possible. The students were given a tour of the building, spoke with many exploratory teachers and saw their classrooms, visited class showcase tables in the gymnasium, received a complimentary JC t-shirt and sticker, and caught a small glimpse of the intensity that comes with a House Wars competition. 

As mentioned by Mr. Shawn Hall, when welcoming the students, when you enter the doors of Johnson County Middle School, you become an Eagle. We are collaborating across the district to implement programs such as these to help our students receive the best K-12 educational experience possible. 

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