Today, as we commemorate Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Day, our hearts are full of pride and joy, reflecting on the strides we have made in supporting our students' social and emotional learning needs. Johnson County School District is committed to fostering well-rounded, emotionally resilient students through a comprehensive support system.

Our dedication to SEL is demonstrated by:

  • Full-time counselors are stationed in each school to ensure accessible emotional support for all students.

  • Two school psychologists work within our district, enhancing our understanding and care for student mental health.

  • SEL/RTI Specialists are provided in every school, delivering targeted interventions and support to meet diverse student needs.

  • A District Counselor/FRYSC Lead guides our comprehensive SEL strategies across the district.

  • The Leader in Me Program is implemented district-wide, empowering students with essential leadership and life skills.

  • The Building Assets, Reducing Risk (BARR) program, implemented at Johnson Central High School & W.R. Castle Elementary, promotes strong relationships and high expectations among students and staff.

To enrich our SEL curriculum further, we've integrated:

  • Positive Action for counselors, teachers, and parents to promote positive behaviors and attitudes.

  • Nearpod for 21st-century readiness with engaging, interactive lessons.

  • Kagan Cooperative Learning fosters teamwork and effective communication skills.

Our holistic approach includes the invaluable contributions of Family Resources & Youth Services Centers (FRYSC), bridging home, school, and community; School Climate Specialist implementing strategies to enhance school climate; Community School Coordinators collaborating with stakeholders to assess needs and develop support plans; an administrator serves on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force; Technical Assistant Coaches supporting mental health, counseling, and resilience; Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBIS)and staff trained in Mental Health First Aid.

A special thanks to Superintendent Thom Cochran for his visionary leadership and for ensuring our student needs are met through such innovative work. As we celebrate our achievements and the unity of our Eagle Family, we look forward to the endless possibilities ahead. Together, we soar higher, embodying resilience and community spirit.