We proudly celebrate the Johnson County School District's Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) for an outstanding performance at this year's state competition. Our students excelled across various categories, showcasing their diverse technical and creative skills and earning top honors. This collective achievement underscores the importance of technology in education and highlights the dedication of our educators and students. Congratulations to all our talented STLP students and coaches on their well-deserved success! A huge thank you to all who made the event possible, including students, coaches, parents, administration, transportation, food service, and the Kentucky Department of Education Office of Education Technology.


Project K.I.C (Keep It Clean)

Category: STLP Competition Team

Place or Participation: State Level 3 participation (Top 50)

I pledge to…CLEAN UP, WASTE LESS, & BE ECO-FRIENDLY! Project K.I.C. is a project that will focus on teaching children and adults about good cleaning practices.  We will work to improve the trash management education of our community.

WRWR Castle

Team: WR Castle Sphero Squad (Slate Jackson, Amy Sparks)

Category: Sphero Hero

Live Challenge

Students created a short story and a storyboard.  As the students told the story the coded Sphero navigated throughout the maze.


Central Elementary 

Team: Sphero Team Brycen Curnell, Hudson Gamble, Arizona Edwards, Gabe Wright, & Addyson Spriggs

Category: Sphero Hero

Live Challenge 

Students created a story following a rubric then coded a robot to go along with their story.

CESCentral Elementary 

Team: CES Tech Team - Cambrie Lafferty, Carissa McCarty, Lily Franklin, Aubrey Adams, Chloe Vanhoose

Category: Help Desk Live Challenge 

2nd place

Students provide tech help to students and staff at their school. 

CESCentral Elementary

Team- S.T.O.P. (Aubrey Salyers, Abby Gullett, Abby Penix, Maycee Curnell)

Category:  STLP Competition Team

State Level 2 Participation

As sixth-grade girls, we are on a mission to raise awareness and put a dent in drug addiction. Join us in our fight to make our community drug-free. It is crucial to address the drug epidemic before more communities are devastated by drug use. If we do not address the issue, we will continue to see an increase in drug overdose deaths and drug-related violence.

CESCentral Elementary

Project: Copy Right what's okay and what's not! Media Literacy 

Team: Abby Gullett, Isabella Reynolds, Aubrey Adams

Category: CDA- Media Literacy Design

1st place

Media Campaign that teaches the importance of knowing copyright when to use it or not use it. 


Central Elementary

Chloe VanHoose

Category: Book Cover -CDA

State Semi-finalist

Recreation of a book cover for Wait Till Helen Comes.


Central Elementary

Alyiah Penix

Category: Manipulated Image - CDA

State Semi-finalist

For my project, I searched for a 3D image of a unicorn and a butterfly using Adobe Firefly. I applied various 3D, cyberpunk, and futuristic filters to narrow my search. Once I found the desired images, I used Adobe Express to adjust and apply filters. I removed the background from both photos and pasted them onto the background of the neon sky I had found using media on Adobe Express. I added clouds, which I found on Adobe media, to both the top and bottom of the image, as well as a shooting star.


Flat Gap Elementary

Team: Carson O'Bryan, Rhett Lutz, Branson Sagraves, Mason Gibson, Kendyl Scott & Gabe Bevins

Category: Sphero Hero(6-8)

1st Place(6-8)- State Champions

Students create an original short story that a Sphero was coded to follow. Students build an obstacle course as the stage for the story and program a Sphero to navigate the stage autonomously while students narrate to judges. Our team created landmarks of Paintsville, such as the Sipp, Paintsville Lake, and Country Music Highway Museum, and the sphere followed the students' story. Students with a creative story, including a villain and hero, narrated it.

FGESHighland Elementary

Team - Peyton Ousley and Jake Greene

Category - Sphero Hero (6th - 8th)

William X tries to take over Duckville by holding up in the local grocery store. Duckman saves the day by using his fast moves and laser lights to help capture William X. Duckman saves Duckville, and everything returns to normal.

HESSchool - Highland Elementary

Team - Dixie Branham, Lilian Moore, Barrett Whitaker, Jaxton Marshall, Brinlee Walters, Kenzie Rice, Ashlyn Ousley, and Layla May

Category - Cinemania (K-5)

Top Five

English Bluebell Bunny left a note in Mr. C’s garden explaining his absence for Easter. STLP crew was conducting experiments on the moon when they discovered that the English Bluebell Bunny stowed away inside the shuttle. They convince him to return to earth in time for Easter. 


School: Porter Elementary

Team: Jaxon Sturgill, Mia Simpkins, Parker Collins

Category: Sphero Hero


School: PES

Team: Jaxon Sturgill, Jules Cochran, Riley Derossett, Zoey Johnson, Paelynn Taylor, Emma Daniels, Zoey Johnson, Emma Mulkey, Addison Shortridge

Category: Cinemania


Our PES students love the cinemania challenge! Students are given a list of elements that must be used within a 3 minute video. Students get right to work writing a script and then filming. The video must be submitted within 48 hours.


Porter Elementary

Team: Individual- Jules Cochran (6-8) Riley Derossett (k-5)

Category: website design

Riley placed 2nd in State

PESPorter Elementary 

Team- Individual- Jordan Bowling; Lily Wilson

Category- Logo Design CDA

Students individually created a logo design

Porter Elementary

Team- Riley Derossett, Zoey Johnson, Eli Loney, Brody Hall 

Category- Newscast CDA

Our team entered our Newscast as a CDA. We received great feedback and we are excited to enter next year. 


Team- Cloey Evans, Julie Ratliff

Category- Help Desk

2nd Place in the State

Students created a “Help Desk” slideshow detailing the process of creating and printing a 3-D project. Students also shared their knowledge during an interview.


Team- Braxton Scott

Category-Tech Bowl

11th Place

Student competed in a live Kahoot quiz competition.



Collin Joseph

Category- Website

Collin created a website about one of the clubs offered at JCMS during Club Day. The site included information and pictures.




Eagle News - Kylie Castle & Willard Slone

How Eagle News operates and benefits JCHS and Johnson County.

Live Challenges:


Ryan Rice - Passed 3 tests and scored highest of all participants on the Cisco networking exam.

Jody Roberts - Passed 1 test

Tech Bowl-

Jody Roberts

Brannan Campbell

Help Desk Live Challenge-

William Holmes

Adyn Fairchild

Savannah Mollette

Larry Arms

STLP Engineers:

2 of the 20 STLP Engineers were from JCHS!!!

Ryan Rice and Grace Blackburn

This was Grace Blackburn’s second year as an engineer and she was awarded a $1000 KySTE scholarship!