Student leadership was on full display during the Johnson County School District Board Meeting. Students personally invited board members to attend their upcoming October 19th Leadership Day at Porter Elementary. This fantastic group of leaders also led the Pledge of Allegiance. Student School Board Members Nicholas Hardin and Constance Martin proudly represented JC students as they continued their leadership roles.   

Superintendent Thom Cochran welcomed the Associate Commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Education's (KDE) Office of Education Technology, Mr. David Couch, and KDE Field Staff Member, Mr. Matt Jury. Mr. Couch and Mr. Jury awarded the 2022 Stilwell Meritorious Service Award for going above and beyond in educational technology to ten faculty/staff and two retired educators.  

Superintendent Cochran recognized the hard work, dedication, and service of Allen Harris, Debra Spence, and Steve Young while congratulating them on their retirements.  

The Johnson County Board of Education voted to keep the property tax at the same rate for the third consecutive year.  The board unanimously voted to keep the rate at 59.2¢ per $100 of assessed property value.  

Sherman Carter Barnhart Architect Allison Cummings presented the interior renderings for the new Johnson Central High School. Finance Director Gwen Castle discussed the 2022-2023 working budget. Instructional Supervisor/Assessment Coordinator Heather Butcher provided an assessment review. The meeting concluded with Superintendent Cochran sharing the Personnel Report with board members. 

The Johnson County School District continues to provide authentic leadership opportunities to students and celebrate stakeholders' accomplishments. Another great board meeting is in the books!  

                                                    2022 Stilwell Meritorious Service Award Recipients
Andrew Castle, Jeff Cochran, Selena Cochran, Alley Garner, Raina May, Stephanie Moore, Jessica Mullins, Charlene Owens, Holly Preece, Lisa Blevins-Salyer, Mike Whitaker, and Nathaniel Whitaker