Tyler Spencer

Johnson Central High School in Paintsville, Kentucky welcomes a new addition to its agriculture program.

The school now has a container farm on campus. It's the 10th one donated to schools by AppHarvest of Rowan County, Kentucky.

Inside lettuce and greens are growing, using a continuous supply of water while a computer regulates the temperature.

Students intend to sell produce to Appalachian Regional Hospitals and back to the Johnson County School System.

"(We're) getting it straight from the AppHarvest farm...so they know exactly where it came from and it's all freshly grown," said Tyler Spencer, president of Johnson Central High School's FFA chapter.

Amy Samples serves as vice president of community outreach for AppHarvest.

"We even get culinary students coming through this container farm," Samples told Eyewitness News. "In these hydroponic classrooms, they are experimenting with new products, types of lettuce and creating salad dressings to compliment them."

Samples reports AppHarvest is getting ready to put five more container farms in schools across Kentucky.