Highland Elementary hosted the 2nd annual Johnson County School District Student Technology Leadership Program (JCSTLP). STLP uses project-based learning to empower student learning and achievement. STLP provides a way for students to design, make, connect, learn through technology, and create original content. Students, coaches, teachers, and administrators from across the district enjoyed a fun-filled morning full of innovation and student leadership.

Central Elementary 

STOP 2.0 Slaying the Opioid Problem 2.0  

This team created a Google Site with resources for anyone affected by opioid addiction. They are extending it this year by creating an app, updating and renovating the website, adding podcasts, YouTube videos, and creating a children’s book.

Team Members -Anthony Jude, Aubrey Adams, Sebastian Adams, Abby Gullett, Carter Cooley, Maycee Curnell, Abby Penix, and Skylar Robinson

Coaches- Kelli Ratliff and Jayme O’brian 

Central Elementary 

Data Celebrating Divas 

This team tracks school attendance and other data to increase student attendance and success. They are using Data Studio to track and create dashboards to share throughout the school and celebrate with each class as they achieve goals.

Team Members-Reagan Hudson, Chassity Cooley, Kenslee Jude, Cambrie Lafferty, Lillian Franklin, Chloe Vanhoose, and Lauren FItch

Coaches- Kelli Ratliff and Jayme O’brian 

Central Elementary 

We Are JC

This team is bringing awareness to the need for recreation in Johnson County by showcasing what is available to keep our youth engaged and displaying the need for more. 

Team Members- Collin McKenzie, Brycen Curnell, Lila Ridings, Sage Ridings, Addie Howell, Maddie White, Arizona Edwards, and Ashton Hill

Coaches- Kelli Ratliff and Jayme O’brian 

Flat Gap Elementary

Reader Leaders

This is a project that continued from last year. Reader Leaders help provide reading strategies to younger students. This project allows Reader Leaders to read weekly with primary students and to help build confidence in emerging readers. The STLP team has developed a website, YouTube channel and is currently creating an app students can use to track their reading goals. Students want everyone to know the impact of being Reader Leaders and how to gain confidence in reading! 

Team Members- Kendyl Scott, Rhett Lutz, Carson O’Bryan, Branson Sagraves, and Mason Gibson

Coach- Sabrina O’Bryan

Highland Elementary 

Welcome Wagon  

This is a project that will help new students arriving at Highland Elementary and any guests visiting our school feel welcome. New students will be presented with our school t-shirt and a welcome bag full of school supplies to begin their day at Highland. Any guests visiting our school will be given thank you cards with a QR code link to a SMORE, so they can find out more about our school. Their project will make the transition into a new school smoother. 

Team Members- Jaxton Marshall and Dixie Branham

Coaches- Amanda O’Bryan and Latonya Rowe

Highland Elementary 

Science Explosion 

The goal of this project is to add some excitement to school by including more science throughout the day! We want students to get excited about coming to school. The STLP team will present science facts during morning announcements, create science videos with green screens, make ¨You Just Got Scienced¨ bags for classrooms, and plan Family Science Nights. In addition, the team will share their project on the school website, social media, local tv, and radio stations. The team hopes to raise attendance by getting kids excited about science through Science Explosion!

Team Members- Cooper O'bryan and Cara Stephens

Coaches- Amanda O’Bryan and Latonya Rowe

Porter Elementary 

"Paws"itive News

This project’s goal is to spread positive news! We want to challenge news stations to include a positive segment in their broadcasts to improve mental and emotional health. We want to share our school’s story and encourage daily positive vibes. We will know we’ve been successful by survey results, Station participation, likes, shares, comments, and subscribers. We hope to team up with our high school media students as well as, the Holler (KVEC) to co-host a “Paws”itive Panther news episode. Our students will be learning all about broadcasting, article/script writing, logo creation, iMovie editing with green screen, how to capture aerial footage with drones, and so much more. We’ve added a page to our school’s website, created a website to house our LIM student-created podcasts, created a school YouTube channel, and Google Blogger to house student-created news articles. 

Team Members- Jules Cochran, Jaxon Sturgill, Emma Mulkey, Paelynn Taylor, Teagan Baldridge, Karson Walker, Eli Loney, Zoe Roaden, Braxton Scott, Zoey Webber, Addison Shortridge, Colton Dalton, Brody Hall, and Emma Daniels

Coaches- Rebecca Caudill and Selena Cochran

W.R. Castle Elementary

Project WELL (Wellness, Education, Lasting, Lifetimes)

The goal of Project WELL is to help to improve the health of our school and our community. Our team will focus on wellness education to inspire people to live healthier lives by adopting new health-conscious habits. We will utilize a variety of technology resources. Our team will create exercise videos and healthy snack tutorials on our Youtube channel. As well as providing healthy tips on Tomcat News, our school news broadcast. Along with this, we will create a closed Facebook group to help reach a broader audience. Project WELL will be using Google Classroom to post our Wellness checks. They will help us to monitor the progress of the people that are taking part in Project WELL. In addition, we are going to partner with local establishments to provide healthy snack options to the students of our school.  

Team Members- Anneliese Oliver, Emily Gwinn, Reese Caudill, Nathaniel Anderson, Natalee Ratliff, Bentlee Spence, Jonathan Blevins, Kyriee McCabe, Lexie Froschauer, Jasmine Rhynes, and Brighana Parr 

Coaches- Heather Gauze and Lara Oliver

Johnson Central High School

Cyber Security Team 

Cyber threats are a growing problem for both individuals and institutions alike. Cyber Security entails identifying, combating, and resolving and/or preventing these digital threats from causing damage to systems. Phishing attacks, trojan code, and hardware attacks are just some of the threats cybersecurity combats. 

The JC Cyber Security team not only spreads awareness about staying safe online they also compete in the Cyber Patriot national competition.

Coach- Andrew Castle

Team Members- David Wallach, Alex Meade, Seth Blackburn, and Darren Fairchild 

Eagle News 

Eagle News is a weekly production of JCTV and covers sports, weather, local events, and of course, the news important to the staff and students of Johnson Central. 

Eagle News is published weekly on the JCTV YouTube channel.

Team Members- Kylie Castle, Carrigan Ratliff, Bethany Chapman, and Jacob Slone

Coach- Todd Conely and Clay Smith

JC Help Desk

The Johnson Central Help Desk provides IT services to the staff and students of JCHS. Whether repairing a Chromebook, installing a workstation, or troubleshooting and repairing network issues, the Help Desk students are available every period for technology support. 

Team Members- Adyn Fairchild, Devon Pinder, and Brannon Campbell

Text to Voice 

Grace Blackburn will code scannable NFC tags that will activate a voice narration app in Smartphones of visually impaired students or community members. The app will read aloud bodies of text or menus to make everyday experiences the same for the visually impaired as for seeing people.

Coach- Kayla Vanhoose

Team Members- Grace Blackburn