Freshmen Scoreboard

The Best Way To Determine Who Is Winning Is By Keeping Score

The transition from Middle School to High School can be a scary and uncertain time for many students. Moving into an unfamiliar and much larger facility, coupled with twice the number students in the building, can cause some students to fall behind until they become acclimated to their new environment. New-found freedom and autonomy, along with greater academic rigor and higher expectations, can also cause students to fall behind.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the national average graduation rate for Freshmen who graduate within four years of entering a public high school is 81.9%. In Kentucky that rate is 83.1%. That is why we focus on making sure our freshmen students do not fall behind during their first year of high school. During the first semester of the 2021-22 school year, 96% of Johnson Central Freshmen are on track to graduate in four years — 14% above the national average and nearly 13% above the state average.

At Johnson Central, we keep score to make sure that our freshmen are winning. Below, you will find the breakdown of the first semester in our Freshmen Scoreboard.

On Track — Passing at least 6 courses.  Kentucky requires students to obtain 22 credits to fulfill graduation requirements. Students who pass a minimum of 6 classes each year will fulfill that requirement.

RTI Wins — Credits that have been recovered with help of our Response To Intervention (RTI) Specialist.  This is a group of students who have been referred to academic risk review.  These students needed interventions beyond the regular classroom teacher and were successful in recovering credits that would otherwise have been lost.

Connections — Activities at JCHS outside the classroom.  Our Digital Learning Coach has analyzed the data and determined how many connections that our students have to JCHS beyond their curriculum.  This has been broken into 4 categories — Academic, Social, Professional, and Athletic.  Students may have more than one connection and currently 76.5% of our students have made at least one connection.