Mrs. Burchett’s 2nd graders used Book Creator to publish their own books during Red Across America Week.
4 months ago, Gaylena Burchett
Mr. Adkins, and his 4th grade STREAM class, reviewed different types of bridges and tried their hand at studios/stations. Students worked extra hard to design and construct their own bridge in each station.
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Mr. Adkins is review bridges and how they are built.
Reading Station--read about London Bridge and how it's constructed.
STREAM/Engineering station--working together to construct their own bridge from materials given.
Math station--using cards to plan out and construct a bridge....bridge of cards!
Brennon Daniels and Ava June Tackett biggest supporters of the Kids Heart Challenge. Thank you for all the years of hard work.❤️
4 months ago, Telena Conley
Brennon & Ava  Kids Heart Challenge
Kids Heart Challenge “Teacher for the day”
4 months ago, Telena Conley
Kora Welch won the honors of “Teacher for the day” for the Kids Heart Challenge.
Kolton Welch was the “Teacher for the day” out of the 4th grade classes.
Ava June Tackett 6th grade “Teacher for the day “.
 “Teacher for the day” Callie Salyers  showing her  2nd grade students how to have fun on this big event.
Brennon Daniels and Ava June Tackett biggest supporters of the Kids Heart Challenge.
4 months ago, Telena Conley
Mrs. Cantrell and Mr. Adkins enjoyed a day out to observe and talk with others in the district!! #mentormentee #teachersneverquitlearning
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Thank you, Mrs. O’Bryan!
WR Castle's 6th graders have been doing announcements live through Google Meets. Students plan and conduct each news broadcast! Go Tomcats!
4 months ago, Holly Preece
6th Grade newscast for the day!
Breaking News... Go Tomcats!
Miss Burton's class worked in studios today to cover Social Studies concepts.
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Let's build a tepee.
Technology station
Students working with Miss Burton on primary and secondary sources.
Design a totem pole.
Mrs. Ferguson's class working on spelling words...
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Let's practice spelling
Kindergarten working really hard to learn their spelling words.
Let's write our words
Brooks works on spelling his words this week.
Mrs. Campbell's class using Boom cards and phonemic awareness on McGraw Hill.
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Interactive panels make for a fantastic engagement during any lesson.
What could the answer be??
He got the right answer.
Students love to use the panels!
Digital Learning Day had so much to offer students today, at WR Castle! #JCDLC #KYDLC #DLDay
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Ms. West's students keeping hard at work to meet their i-Ready goals.
Mrs. Slone ready for some review with a Kahoot game.
Mrs. Grim's students working on Wonders Reading activities.
Students are engaged in Digital Learning Day activities at WR Castle! #JCDLC #KYDLC #DLDay
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Kindergarten staying busy practicing learning to read.
Miss Burton working hard on programs.
Blooket review for 5th grade Social Studies.
Mrs. McKenzie's  students work on interactive panels  to reinforce fraction lines.
Lots of learning going on at WR during Digital Learning Day!
4 months ago, Holly Preece
5th grade trying blooket review game!
Mrs. Allen engaging students in Flocabulary.
Ms. Click's students participated in a Would You Rather? activity ....Let's get moving.
Mrs. Coleman working with students on Studies Weekly annotation of notes!
Mrs. Grim's class took time to discuss and learn about the significance of Presidents' Day with Nearpod!
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Presidents' Day Nearpod lesson
Students took a virtual trip to the Washington Monument.
They also explored the Lincoln Memorial.
Students took time to reflect on Presidents' Day!
Mrs. Jessica Frazier's class enjoyed working on their interactive panel. Learning can be fun!!!
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Students using their class panel.
These Tomcats are having a great time learning.
Congratulations to our WR Castle's Academic Tomcats! What a wonderful season and tournament! Best of luck in the upcoming region competition!!!
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Results from regular season and county tournament.  You make us proud, Tomcats!
WR students are working hard to stay engaged and focused on learning!
4 months ago, Holly Preece
Miss Raelin Stambaugh created a Morning Message board for her 3rd grade class.  Way to go!
After completing a Valentine's Nearpod lesson.... These "sweethearts" drew about their favorite part.
NTI Day 7 due to several snow-covered roads, especially in the northern part of our county. Let's make sure to complete all of our assignments!
4 months ago, Johnson County Schools
NTI Day 7
No School today. This will be NTI day 7.
4 months ago, Amy Case
Congratulations to our Academic Tomcats! We are so proud of you and all of your hard work!
5 months ago, Holly Preece
Quick Recall Champs!